About the spa

Centering its offerings around a natural focus on the local, Sandava Spa Activates, Nurtures and Inspires you with intelligent, individually-crafted Clearwater FL spa experiences customized with the fresh organic ingredients your body needs.  In our spa- where the space was designed for reflection, reconnection and the benefit of the greater good – we honor you and the natural world with our commitment to upholding the Blue Wave Ethics of the Clean Beaches Council.  As the epicenter of well-being along the Clearwater coast, our Clearwater day spa and resort supports life lived in harmony with nature-the true source of our personal wellness.

the ethics of sandava spa

Inspired by and in support of the Clean Beaches Council Blue Wave Ethics program, our spa and all of our services are created with you and the environment in mind. Activating, Nurturing and Inspiring. This is how we embrace the Blue Wave Ethics at Sandava Spa:

leave no trace
We adhere to net-zero environmental impact policies.

move your body
We have plentiful wellness opportunities in our fitness center.

don’t tread on the dunes
We source sustainably to protect and nurture the land.

know your limits
We help you understand your personal fitness abilities.

you are what you eat
We support your good health with organic food and drink.

feed your mind
We support your well-being with meditation and education.

respect the ocean
We protect the ocean and revere its awe-inspiring power.

cabana and in-room services

swedish massage 30/60/90 minutes $95/$145/$200
deep-tissue massage 30/60/90 minutes $100/$155/$215
reflexology 30/60 minutes $95/$145
sandava manicure/pedicure 30/45 minutes $50/$70